4 types of guys all women want

Physical attraction is the first thing that makes people click. Some women find certain types of guys immediately attractive while other types turn them off. 

When Looks Do Matter

In a relationship, looks do matter, but that does not mean that looks are the most important thing. People have different ideas about what makes someone beautiful, so they will find different things attractive. But, when it comes to sex, choosing who to be your Brooklyn escort is heavily based on physical attraction. 

When we hear that looks matter in relationships, many of us think that only supermodels and famous stars can find love. Even though looks are important in dating, what really draws a person to you may not be what you think. 

No one is perfect, and everyone has their own flaws but there are four types of men that women swoon over and find very alluring: 

The Dog Lover

The affectionate dog lover is a type of attractive guy. The scene of a dog owner with a dog can captivate women. Dogs do have an attraction, which seems irresistible to many women. 

Men who take their dogs for a walk are aware that women will talk to them. Nowadays, it is easy for a man to meet women at a dog park. Just keep the canine companion near and the ladies who love dogs will make it a point to compliment the pet. 

Sexy woman in lingerie in the interior.

The Gym Guy

Muscular men are attractive, but there is a catch to those muscles that may turn off a woman. When women see shirtless men, those beefcakes were rated hotter, but only for one-night stands. 

Muscular guys are attractive however, the more skin they expose, the worse the situation becomes. Think of those sexy male dancers and how women percieve them to be only sex objects and not the ideal man to be their mate. 

But when a muscular guy wears clothes, women find them so attractive that they would like to rip the outfits off to feel the hard muscles. 

High-Status Man

The man who is well-dressed, like those wearing a suit, and has all a man could want and more is attractive to women. Even if a stylish man who dresses up well is not rich, the ladies will find him very alluring. 

Men who are fashionable are in short supply and are head turners. It is said that clothes do make a man and that is the case for many women. Men who look rich and wear business attire or casual expensive-looking clothes do make the cut. 

The Silver Fox

The George Clooney Effect is what attraction to older men is called. A group of psychologists discovered that as women earn more money, they focus more on male appearance. They always liked a more aged, well-kept man, who is the elusive silver fox.

This is fantastic for gentlemen with graying hair who take care of themselves. Grooming habits and style, not youth, define the sex appeal of senior men.

In Conclusion 

Certain types of men are attractive to women. Wearing good clothing and having a great body is what women want. Men are deemed to be sexy even if they are old as long as they maintain their appearance.