Reasons why women want high-status men

Women love men with status. It prequalifies them for consideration, and magnifies any other attraction developed through game, masculinity, or natural chemistry.

However, women’s attraction for men can’t be sustained if they feel that the man needs her more than she needs him. Too many low status assertions will cause a woman to lose interest.

1. They are successful

High-status men are more confident, exhibit dominant behaviors and are able to lead. They have a strong moral code and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. They don’t indiscriminately accept other people’s value systems, which can make them a bit difficult to live with if they are not the same as their own.

In one study, researchers found that women are attracted to high-status men (but not other women) because they have a “status signal”. Cues of status capture attention and affect perceptions of attractiveness. The findings are consistent with the evolutionary hypothesis that females select males who can provide greater resources for themselves and their offspring.

In addition, studies have shown that higher social status is associated with mating and reproductive success for men, mainly through reduced risk of marriage disruption. The effect is mediated by the husband’s relative status, such that couples in which the husband has higher social status than his wife have more successful pregnancies and offspring.

2. They have money

It seems like height, looks, social status, and money attract women. They do, but only to a point. A man can still be lower status than his partner if he exhibits too many low status behaviors. This is because the difference in status between a man and his partner has to do with behavior, not just a physical characteristic or income level.

Women who report higher personal status experience positive relationship outcomes, but these associations reverse once they surpass their partners in status. This is because implicit stereotypes prescribing men to be the breadwinner and women as caregivers have a strong influence on women who break these gender norms.

High value women understand that a man’s status is determined by the way he treats his own wife and children, and how he deals with others in his life. They don’t need to be in the same financial bracket, but they will appreciate a man who respects them as equal partners.

3. They are rich

Many of us assume that women want high-status men because they have money. But this is only part of the story. Research shows that men and women value different qualities when it comes to mate selection. Women are more interested in a man’s health, maturity, and ability to earn a living. Men, on the other hand, are more interested in physical attractiveness, education, and social status.

Despite these differences in mate preferences, most men still end up with the richest women. This is partly due to the fact that women do not work as hard to accumulate business wealth and rely on inheritances, while men are more likely to earn their wealth from their own efforts.

But money, physical appearance and other non-behavior related status signals are not enough to sustain attraction in the long run. If a man consistently displays low status behaviors, women are evolutionarily programmed to lose interest in him.

4. They are famous

A man who is famous is a symbol of success. He is admired and emulated by people all around him. When a woman sees this, she will naturally be attracted to him. She will want to be his mate because she will want to share in his glory and recognition.

Men should be careful not to brag about their achievements too much because this could make them appear low status. Instead, they should convey their value in a subtle, natural way through their actions and behaviors. For example, they should not always show off their expensive cars or gloat about their latest business deal.

Also, they should avoid criticizing their mates in public because this can also be perceived as low status. Women are evolutionarily programmed to lose interest in men who exhibit too many low status assertions. They should instead playfully show reluctance and mystery. This will make them seem more high status and interesting.