What a woman looks for in a sexy man

When it comes to being sexy, it’s not just about having a pretty face and a toned body. You need to have a good personality and be confident.

1. Good Looks

While physical attributes, like a chiseled jawline or symmetrical features, do help, it’s not the only factor in a man’s sex appeal. Men also want a woman who is confident and knows herself well, especially when she pursues her own dreams.

A sense of maturity is also attractive because women don’t want to date immature men. A ability to close things out with women is a big plus as well.

2. Good Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor is an important character trait to have. Humor is not only a fun way to connect with others, but also has health benefits.

People with a strong sense of humor are more empathetic. They can see how their actions and jokes affect those around them. This also allows them to be more confident with their humor.

3. Strong Values

Men are attracted to women who have strong values. This means she believes in what she stands for and doesn’t give up easily.

She’s also able to argue and disagree respectfully. This shows she’s a woman of convictions and her strength makes him want to keep her around. She knows life will throw its curveballs but she will remain resilient. She is a go-getter with internal strength.

4. Good Decision-Maker

A man that respects his woman’s decisions and opinions is a huge turn-on for her. He may disagree with her sometimes but he does not take away her autonomy or try to control her.

He believes that she can do anything she puts her mind to. She is a go-getter that is motivated to reach her goals. She knows her strengths and is confident in herself.

5. Open-Minded

While physical qualities and sexual chemistry are important, women also appreciate down-to-earth traits in the men they date. For instance, they want a man who can accept positive criticism and is open to discussing his opinions.

They also love a go-getter who is always looking to learn something new. This shows a sense of curiosity that’s hard to ignore. Moreover, internal strength is super-sexy in his eyes.

6. A Good Listener

A man that listens to his friends and colleagues is a huge plus in any woman’s eyes. He’ll also remember the things you tell him and bring them up at appropriate times.

Empathetic listening is a vital part of workplace communication, according to the Center for Creative Leadership. It helps people feel understood and allows for open and honest dialogue. It’s a sign that you care about the other person and their perspectives.

A good listener approaches conversations without any expectations and lets the speakers guide the interaction. They’re genuinely curious about others and aren’t afraid to ask questions.

They also remember things that they’re told and are able to convey this through their body language. For example, a nod of the head or a smile can show that they’re listening. This creates a wonderful communication foundation.

7. A Good Communicator

Women are attracted to men who can express their feelings openly. They also want a man who can be vulnerable with her about her deepest fears and hopes.

A man who is a good communicator shows that he values her input. He may not agree with her all the time, but he knows she has valuable insight and respects her opinion.

Women appreciate men who are capable of communicating with them on a level that they can understand. This can be an important part of a relationship, especially if there are any problems that need to be discussed.

Guys also find it attractive when a woman can discuss feelings and topics that aren’t always the most pleasant to talk about. Conversations that involve current events and intellectual discussion are what many guys are looking for in a sexy woman.

8. A Good Friend

A man who genuinely cares about others turns women on. This means he’s empathetic and shows concern for people close to her, especially her friends and family.

He also believes in her and shows her that he has faith she can handle anything. This demonstrates internal strength and makes her feel secure. She’ll always be a priority for him. He loves seeing her in lingerie, but she’s just as sexy in a sports bra and sweatpants.